Class Agenda #2

  • New Seats / Open Problems
  • Writing Task 1: Google yourself. In your Writing Notebook, React to what you found from your search. Write about what you had hoped to find.
  • Creative Writing Prompt- If you googled yourself in 10 years, what will you find?
  • Math Content Target:
    TN1: I can use exponents to understand large numbers, 
    small numbers, and non-decimal counting systems.
  • Delta Math / 15 minutes
  • Number trick → introduction to binary system
  • Go to
    • Username: validus
    • Password: prep
    • Search for the word “binary”
    • Click on the logo for Binary
    • Watch the video if you want, and explore what you see there.
    • Take the quiz, email your results to
  • Capacity Matrix Check-In

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