Class Agenda #1

College Writing Agenda- 9/9/12

Circle Up- Introduce yourself. Why did you take this course?

Review of Norms-

  • Non-Negotiable- Laptop Norm, Taking Care of your laptop, , Personal Devices, Leave no trace
    • What are some other norms?
  • In groups, brainstorm:
    • What is Expository Writing?
    • Why is it important to write clearly?

Review of Syllabus

Set up Writing Notebook
Published Papers Vs. Drafts and Class Work

Review ELA Argumentative Writing Diagnostic for Formatting of Docs.


Some Things that I do: Google, Wiki, NYTimes,

Your Topic- What is expository writing?

Task- Go to google and look up what expository writing is. It’s history. How it’s used.
In your Writing Notebook, Write at least one paragraph in which you clearly report on your findings.


Share our work-

Closing Circle-


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