Trending Writing Notebook Format


  1. Start a new google.doc
  2. Rename your doc with your name and the words “writing notebook” in the title.
  3. Each new day (beginning at 8AM), or class session that you use your notebook, make sure you put The Date.
  4. Within each day or class session, label your writing into different tasks (Task 1, Task 2, Task 3,…) at the minimum. Be more specific with real headings if you can; this will only make your notebook easier to read and look more¬†professional.

Example- Title: B’s Notebook


Task 1-

I chose this course because…

Task 2-

Some norms for presenting your work should be…

Task 3-

Math Reflection

Task 4-


1 thought on “Trending Writing Notebook Format

  1. isetou bahaga

    in my opinion i think mathematics is mental math so your brain could think a lot and you could do the problem until you get it right .


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